Welcome to Erfurt

A city at the heart of the action

Welcome to Erfurt, Thuringia’s vibrant and diverse regional capital.

What looks like a random list of names and ideasis in fact a snapshot of Erfurt, the Thuringian state capital, and it’s a list that is far from complete.

It is of course possible to describe Erfurt, a city that dates back 1,280 years, but it’s much better to see, smell, taste and experience it for yourself. That is the only way to truly appreciate its many facets.

Located in the lush heart of Germany and at the centre of Europe, Erfurt is quick and easy to get to. Whether you arrive at the award-winning InterCityExpress station or via the excellent autobahn links, Erfurt is the place to be. The city was already an important trading hub in the Middle Ages, owing to its central location at the crossroads of two major European trading routes, the Via Regia and the Nuremberg Geleitstrasse.

Today, in its role as the region’s main urban centre, Erfurt unites many different cultures and lifestyles. As a university city it offers excellent prospects and it is also an important location for business.

Away from work, the people of Erfurt like to head to the old town, Germany’s largest single heritage site. The medieval centre is characterised by historical buildings, narrow winding streets and pretty squares along the tributaries of the Gera river. In summer, locals of all ages flock to the many cafés and restaurants to enjoy the mediterranean ambience and listen to the street musicians.

The people of Erfurt are very proud of the city’s most famous landmarks, particularly the Merchants’ Bridge and the impressive ensemble of Erfurt Cathedral and the Church of St Severus. Erfurt’s Jewish heritage is so exceptional that the city is hoping it will be added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The decision is set to be announced in 2023.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, then head for the city’s many parks and gardens. The egapark is one of Germany’s most beautiful parks, especially since its revamp for the Federal Horticultural Show in 2021. Parts of the show were hosted by Petersberg Citadel, where the glorious views and interactive exhibition on the history of Petersberg are well worth seeing.

Did you know that the residents of Erfurt are known as puffbohnen. As early as the Middle Ages, puffbohnen, or broad beans, were an important and popular part of the local diet. To this day, the nickname reflects how much the locals love this vegetable.

These initial impressions merely hint at how rich and varied Erfurt is, and how many aspects there are to this remarkable city. We hope that you settle quickly and find your home for life in Erfurt.